ROSE CALCULATOR - download and install

ROSE CALCULATOR is an Android application containing natural pictures of various roses in HD resolution. Photos were taken in professional gardens full of beautiful roses of various colors, kinds and origin. This application is designed for girls and ladies but also for other fans of beautiful roses. 
The main purpose of the ROSE CALCULATOR is to give you an opportunity to perform your calculations and at the same time delight your senses. It is true that there are hundreds of calculators with different features on Internet. From our experience common users utilize just limited set of mathematical functions regularly and do not need sophisticated scientific ones. Can you remember how many times you have used cotg(x) or n! this year?
This calculator is optimized for older devices with limited capacity or limited network connectivity but can be used on a brand new technology as well. 

Main features of ROSE CALCULATOR:

  • The tool displays a slightly different content based on its screen orientation
  • You can see a history of your operations in the landscape orientation 
  • The calculator is easy to use and very intuitive
  • Pink flower in a circle switches available background images
  • The application supports mobile phones as well as tablets in both screen orientations.

Did you know about roses that:

  • The name “Rose” came from the French language
  • Most species are native to Asia
  • They are widely grown for their beauty
  • Some plants can reach 8 meters in height
  • They are usually armed with sharp prickles
  • Scientists know about more than 100 species


How to download ROSE CALCULATOR?

Download ROSE CALCULATOR at Google Play, click the link.
More pictures you can find in our Gallery.
Stay in touch with the nature.
Note: Any comments and suggestions are welcome, we are looking forward to your feedback.


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